Rederi Swedish American Line AB (SAL) is a new cruise company from Gothenburg, Sweden with intentions to re-start the iconic "White Viking" world wide cruising under the Swedish flag.


The new SAL was founded in 2016 with a strong focus on continuing and celebrating the traditions and heritage of the former SAL that was operational between 1915-1975. The SAL company motto is always:


Under Swedish registry with traditional Swedish Seamanship & Seaworthiness




As the cruise industry is booming, and over 80 new ships are beeing built around the globe right now, we feel that the timing finally is right for a new Swedish cruise ship in that world-wide fleet of cruisers.


Our main goal is to make the new ship as environmentally friendly as possible, in order for the KUNGSHOLM 5 to be a trendsetter in the industry for years to come.


The plan is to build the ship in Europe, and we are currently in discussions with several shipyards regarding the process.


KUNGSHOLM 5 will be financed trough sales of the onboard cabins to private investors, who will commit to the same payment principals as in purchasing a condo in a new house ashore.


All of the yards in this process also offer substantial financing in co-opertation with State owned financial institutions. As the building of a new cruise ship offers a lot of work-opportunities and tax-revenue and thus the states are very keen to help with financial solutions. Up to 80% financing of a newbuild is possible to achieve toghether with these financial institutes in order to secure the building of the ship towards the buyers of the cabin-units onboard the K5.


We will commence the marketing of the cabins aboard the KUNGSHOLM 5 as residential units after the official design and technical planning is ready. The units/cabins will be of very high standard and all have own balconies plus ensuite bathroom.


The owners of the cabins will have 4 weeks in use "all-inclusive" in their cabin per year, with the rest of the year rented to the onboard hotel-operation who in turn utilizes the cabins for (non-owner) passengers.


The sale of the cabins aboard luxury cruise ships to private owners is a relatively new concept in the cruise industry, although some of the bigger operators has already seen the potential in this new way of real-estate investments for the public and are currently in the progress of developing such cruise ships.



SAL was founded by the same team of investors and private persons from Gothenburg that set out to save the KUNGSHOLM 4 in 2014. As no permanent berth could be allocated for the "K4" she was sent to Alang, India for scrapping in 2015. Plans to continue the story of SAL started to form shortly after, as we noticed that there was an international interest and following of the old SAL brand.

The actual CREW aboard the ships of SAL is a big part of what makes the brand special, although a professional "Office Crew" is also needed for a successful company. SAL:s "Office Crew" consist of:

Board of Directors

SAL will have up to 5 members of the board, who will represent the shareholders interests and take SAL towards the goals set out. The board members are experts in their areas and have combined over 30 years of experience in the field of Private Equity investments and Project financing.

Additional members are to join in 2018 with impressive hotel and cruise industry backgrounds and expertise.

SAL Senior Advisors

The Senior Advisors positions (10) will be filled with a variete of information specialists whos main duty is to insure that SAL is re-started with the correct athmosphere aboard. Senior Advisors include:

  • Former Crew members of SAL ships
  • Swedish Shipping specialists
  • Passengers of former SAL ships



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