Rederi Swedish American Line AB wishes you a Happy Easter and wonderful moments with your families and loved ones.


While the projecting of K5 continues, SAL has also decided to make a move towards establishing a position in the cruise market before the launch of K5 and we are currently studying the alternatives for a possible purchase of and existing cruise ship to be named "GRIPSHOLM 3".


We are currently in negotiations regarding the purchase and have opened EMISSION 1 for investors and institutions who want to pariticipate in the financing of the purchase of GRIPSHOLM 3.


For those intereseted to take part in EMISSION 1, please find more information here or visit our INVEST page on our site.


We believe that this is the right step for SAL to take towards achieving the next level in negotiations regarding the realization of KUNGSHOLM 5, and want so many as possible to participate in EMISSION 1.


Welcome aboard,


Rederi Swedish American Line AB





Friday, 22.12.2017

Seasons Greetings from SAL!


As this year is almost over and Christmas time is upon us,

we want to wish everyone a very

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018..!


We have a feeling that next year will be interesting,

and the work towards achieving our goal with the new

cruise ship KUNGSHOLM 5 continues.


Happy sailings,


Rederi Swedish American Line AB



Wednesday, 31.05.2017

We found the Intarsia of K3 and K4!


Already in 1953 when the KUNGSHOLM III was delivered,

there was a special piece of artwork in the Grand Hall.


It was a big Intarsia that covered most of the backwall.

The Intarsia is "Gestalter och Byggnadsverk i Sveriges Historia"

by Rudolf Persson.


The Intarsia was transfered to KUNGSHOLM IV upon

completion of the ship in 1966. It remained aboard the K4 until

her scrapping in India in 2015.


It was lost for almost 1,5 years only to re-appear a couple of weeks ago.


The new SAL was offered to aquire it from India and finally bring it back home to Sweden!


Our aim is for the Intarsia to get a honorary placement aboard the upcoming KUNGSHOLM 5,

thus continuing the legacy of the K3 and K4..!


As the new KUNGSHOLM 5 will not be launched until 2021, we are currently discussing the

alternatives for placement of the Intarsia in Sweden.


The plan is to have it displayed and maintained by professionals at a location where as many

as possible can come and visit it and enjoy the memories of times past.


A special thank you to Mr. Peter Knego with associates for their help in

saving this masterpiece for future generations to enjoy!



Monday, 24.04.2017

Our new webspace is launched!


Finally our new home on the internet is launched! As some of you already noticed, we have opened a new domain WWW.SAL.CRUISES in order for easy access to our homepage, as the former domain www.swedishamericanline.com is a lot longer and not so handy on mobile appliances.


The site is still in BETA mode, and some content will be added during the next couple of days. The old site will be re-directed to the new site shortly.


Welcome aboard!


Thursday, 30.03.2017

First glance at the upcoming "K5"


Today the first official drafts of the hull design and interior lay-outs and deck plans were presented to us in Stockholm by head designer of the K5, the world famous naval design company TILLBERG DESIGN of SWEDEN AB.


Excellent work! It is an honor for us to work with the same design company that was involved already in the interior design of the KUNGSHOLM 4!




Welcome back, SAL!


The new SAL, Rederi Swedish American Line AB is founded, with Gothenburg as its home! A lot of work has to be done in order for us to achieve our goals and standards put by the former SAL, but we are on the right track towards building the all new KUNGSHOLM 5!





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